Ask the company its name


Google announced its reorganization on Monday, creating a new parent company called Alphabet. After the restructuring, Alphabet will be a collection of companies: former Google slimming to its wholly-owned subsidiary, and non-core businesses such as Google X and Google Ventures, which are also affiliated with Google Serviced apartment Central.

The restructuring is reminiscent of the big companies that changed their name. A post from fortune Chinese web site has been used to compare it with this article by Caroline Fairchild.

Accenture and Google are both examples of successful renaming, and now the hot apple has been renamed the dividend for years, but RIM has not been able to turn it into a blackberry. What's the difference?

What is the value of a century-old brand in an industry? Dow Chemical, which announced a $5 billion reduction in commodity chemicals in December 2013, will soon be aware of the problem.

The company is focusing more on high-value special materials hong kong wine course, such as semiconductor chips for mobile phones, and has phased out the chlorination business of low-margin space. According to a company spokesman, executives are considering removing the word Chemical from the company's name.

CEO Andrew? Mr. Li told The Wall Street Journal that The name change would help The company navigate its transition from "chemicals to chemical industries."

"As long as they persist in Dow (Dow) this brand name...Sakura Japan as long as they don't change, the company won't because in its name without the word" chemistry "(Chemical) and damage," Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank securities analyst David? "Said begret.